If you are missing a tooth or teeth, Implants are a very reliable fixed option. Dental implants are becoming the standard of care for missing teeth. If you aren’t satisfied with dentures because they are bulky or loose, implants are an alternative for you.

Dr Reena Lalji and Dr Krish Perananthan have both undertaken Postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne in Implants. They are committed to bringing you the best scientific based treatment available.

When you make an appointment at Northwest Dental & Implant Centre the dentist will undertake a thorough exam to assess your individual situation. They will also recommend a Cone beam X-ray (CBCT) so that the volume of bone available can be assessed for individual implant sites. Once all appropriate information is gathered by the clinician an accurate treatment plan can be given. If it is determined you will benefit from a bone graft to increase the volume of bone for the implant placement- this would be an added to the treatment plan.

The dental implant therapy is usually spread over a minimum of 3 months which can make it more affordable. Initially there is the dental implant surgery which may require bone grafting. Then the dental implant is left alone for at least 2 months so that it can attach or integrate with the bone.

Then the 2nd phase of treatment to make the dental implant tooth or crown starts after the implant has integrated with the bone. This involves taking an impression or mould and sending it to one of our local Sydney based dental technicians.


Please call to arrange a  dental implant consultation to discuss your options with one of our experienced implant surgeons.

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