Dental Implant Cost

The dental implant cost can vary depending on how complex your case is. Our practice only uses high quality implants and materials to ensure the best possible result for you!

The dentist will undertake a thorough exam to assess your individual situation. They will also recommend a Cone beam X-ray (CBCT) so that the volume of bone available can be assessed for individual implant sites. Once all appropriate information is gathered by the clinician an accurate dental implant cost can be given. Generally if it is determined you will benefit from a bone graft to increase the volume of bone for the implant placement- this would increase the dental implant cost.

The dental implant cost is usually spread over a minimum of a few months which can make it more affordable. Initially there is dental implant surgery cost which varies depending on if bone grafting is required. Then the implant is left alone for at least a  few months so that it can attach or integrate with the bone. Then the 2nd phase of treatment to make the dental implant tooth or crown can start usually after 2-3 months after the surgery. This phase of treatment can be delayed if you wish to make the treatment more affordable. Once this final phase of treatment starts then the remainder of the dental implant cost will be required.

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